The Chops

Novosibirsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

Encounter the aesthetics of the American Wild West in the heart of Siberia. The Chops offers a new kind of dining experience, which its owners affectionately call "a meatery." It is not hard to guess that the place serves meat every possible way: barbeque, burgers, steaks, oxtail soup and tacos on Tuesdays. For party animals, there is a special offer: weekend "dirty breakfasts" for just 390 rubles and a Bloody Mary is included. This is sure to help you recover after a Friday night bar crawl.
The bar menu features bourbons and a few variations on the Bloody Mary: tequila-based with jalapenos, gin-based with capers, and bourbon-based with smoked bacon. And of course, there is an impressive beer menu: the taps at The Chops have served 200 different varieties. Every Monday, there is a new craft beer, and every Thursday, a new bottled selection.
A memorable element of the decor is a row of hooks over the long bar, the very same ones that butchers use for hanging carcasses. It is hard to imagine now that the owner used to be a vegetarian until recently.
Average check: 700–1500 rubles per person


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