The Botanic Garden

Novosibirsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

Akademgorodok deserves its own story and its own weekend itinerary, but if you have limited time, at least try to make it to the Central Siberian Botanic Garden, where you can get some fresh air and enjoy Siberia's flora and fauna. On a square about twice the size of Moscow's Sokolniki Park, you will see chipmunks, hares, foxes, and even roe deer. If these animals are shy at the time of your visit, you can at least feed the squirrels, which is fun, too.
Actually, the Botanic Garden is first and foremost a research center where scientists are actively studying Siberia's plant world and developing ideas for conservation projects, so the greenhouses, arboretum, and flower beds are much more than a beautiful backdrop for wedding photo shoots.
If you don't want to wander aimlessly in the park, write down a few pointers: Bonsai, Rocky Hill,, Garden of Constant Blossom. If you leave out geotags, your Instagram followers will have a hard time guessing where you found these beautiful exhibits.

Admission prices: admission to the lower level and the Arboretum – 30 rubles, drive-in admission (in summer) – 250 rubles.
Greenhouse tours: 150 rubles for adults, 100 rubles for children. Tours of the grounds: 170 rubles for adults, 150 rubles for children.


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