Sosedi (Neighbors)

Novosibirsk, Russia


Роман Медведев

It is not a secret here that the menu highly depends on the catch, crops and weather conditions in a concrete region. And it is really good taking into consideration the geographical variety of cuisines presented in this restaurant. The menu has dishes starting from Buryatia to the Far East, including the Kurile islands and Sakhalin. Among worth trying dishes are shchi (cabbage soup) with smoked goose, Sakhalin oysters of astonishing size, Buryat buuzy and sliced frozen venison. It is best to start with special nalivka (special fruit liquor) and to finish with urma, made from dried fruits, nut and honey. And in case your flight is in couple of hours, please do take away frozen vareniki (curd or fruit dumplings), buuzy, pancakes and pelmeni (dumplings with meat).


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