Siberia Territory Ethnopark

Novosibirsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

In today's Siberia, a zoo is just about the only place where you can encounter a bear. High-rise buildings have replaced yurts, and fast cars, rather than reindeer, are used for travel. So, if you would like to see the way the locals used to live in this part of the world centuries ago, visit the Siberia Territory Ethnopark, where dwellings of the native people of Siberia have been accurately recreated, with some structures even having been brought from research expeditions. Here, you can see, touch, and get inside Buryats' and Tuvinians' felt yurts, Evenks' chums, and deer herders’ camps. You can even enjoy some taiga tea and try on traditional dresses.
The atmosphere of the ethnopark and its attractions may seem rather exotic, especially to those who are visiting Russia for the first time. To truly appreciate the special culture of Siberia's ethnic minorities, try shooting a harpoon. However, be warned: this sport requires a strong vestibular apparatus, as the improvised walrus hunt takes place in a rocking boat. Imagine that you are part of a hunting party sailing down a river. This is unlikely to help you keep your balance, but it will surely add to the fun.

Admission price: 350 rubles


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