Otkroi Rot (Open Your Mouth) Book Vodka Bar

Novosibirsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

Venedikt Yerofeev implored us to "drink more, eat less," and Ernest Hemingway lamented that "an intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." The owners of Otkroi Rot can recall many more alcohol-related quotes, and this is not surprising as their establishment brings together under one roof writers' two timeless values: books and vodka.
The rich bar menu boasts sixty kinds of traditional spirit imported from all around the world. For more timid customers, there are berry and fruit infusions with lower alcohol content. The menu also features a vodka fountain, which will set you back 6 to 14 thousand rubles, depending on the content, but you can also try to wait until the special hour, or rather, the special minute, during which drinking from the fountain is free. The specific time of this incredible feat of generosity is impossible to predict as it changes every night.
The bar's affordable food menu is developed around simple snacks. A grayling sugudai, Siberian ukha, or Siberian stag pelmeni will go perfectly with any drink. This unusual bar is situated in the basement of an Irish pub named "Saint Patrick's Corner" and is accessed via a narrow winding staircase, so please do not overdo it with the drinks. To avoid colliding with other guests on the stairs, make sure that the semaphore light is off, then press the button.
Average check: up to 700 rubles


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