Museum of Local History

Novosibirsk, Russia

Museum of Local History

Ирина Мацанова

You can continue exploring local history and culture at the Museum of Local History, where experts will share everything they know (or believe that they know) about the life here before Siberia became a part of Russia.
For now, the impressive collection and the local lore are housed in seven buildings. The exhibits in the main building tell the story of Novonikolaevsk and allow you to see cult objects used by the indigenous people who lived here. The Nature Museum on Vokzal'naya Magistral' is home to a reconstruction of a female mammoth skeleton. At 33 Sovetskaya Street, you can see a Morse telephone and KVN-49, the first Russian television set. If time permits, take a trip to Suzun, a settlement 180 kilometers (two or three hours) away, where you can see the mints that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries to produce "special" Siberian coins. They are still operational despite being a couple of centuries old.
By the way, the museum's main building itself is also a historical and architectural monument. Constructed in 1916 as the City Trade building, it is reported to have been the place where the news of the establishment of the Soviet rule was announced on December 14, 1917.
Admission price: 200 rubles for adults, 100 rubles for students and seniors.
You can find the hours of operation and admission price for the museum's other locations on its official website,

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