Novosibirsk, Russia

Роман Медведев

A cat café Murchim is a must visit. It is a perfect place to spend time playing board games with your friends, drinking coffee, reading a book and, of course, playing with cats. In 2016 several girls registered a charity fund and opened the first in Novosibirsk cat café. Nowadays there are already two such places. The main purpose of that café is to find loving hosts for the cats that are saved from the homeless life by the fund. Each cat in the café and in the animal shelter has its story. You can support the project by visiting the café, donations both by money or by buying souvenirs. The ideal option is of course to adopt a cat, but this is a very big decision and not everyone has such a possibility. But everybody can give at least little attention and care to the residents of Murchim.


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