Harat’s pub

Novosibirsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

Imagine the perfect world where there are no brawls and where beer unites people. This is how Igor Kokourov, an entrepreneur from Irkutsk, describes his pub chain, which has now become an international one. Starting in 2009, these establishments began popping up all over Siberia, and today they continue their expansion into Europe and America. Just in the last couple of years, Harat's pubs opened in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Miami.
The recipe for success is simple: Guinness, accompanied by 50 more lager, ale, and stout varieties, hearty food, and an atmosphere of unbridled revelry. The beer varieties are updated annually, and the only things that remain unchanged are the classic Irish stout and... dancing. Yes, this pub is just the king of the Novosibirsk party scene! There is more than enough floor space for dancing, but, just in case, the tables and the windowsills are made of sturdy wood, too. The establishment’s principal concept is "We are all friends here." There are no waiters, and bartenders treat each guest like an old friend. Even in other cities and countries, Siberians love to get together over a beer at Harat's.
Average check: 700–1000 rubles per person


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