Restaurant Mitrich

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia



The heart of any restaurant – kitchen – in “Mitrich” is put on everybody’s display. Chefs cook here right in the center of the restaurant behind the glass walls, and curious visitors can lean on the wooden counter and, while drinking their aperitif, watch burger with Kobe beef being cooked.

The prices in “Mitrich” are close to Moscow ones (for example burger costs 790 rubles), but the quality is also the same level. Menu is supposed to satisfy everyone – there are seviche, tartars, steaks, pasta, halibut with parmesan, so you definitely wont leave hungry. And in the mornings breakfasts are served – you can take something made from eggs or oats with condensed milk ice-cream. The bar follows the common trend and makes experiments with serving classic cocktails: for example “Aperol Spritz” is served on ice, but in transparent bag. In case you don’t finish your drink in the restaurant, take it with you for a walk – it’s easy to carry and looks quite unusual.


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