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Marina Yurcheva

The beer boom was followed by the wine one. Moscow is now seeing new wine rooms and wine bars opening almost every month. They boast great selection, matching cuisine and access to the great wine culture both for connoisseurs and laymen.


Brix is a new wine bar opened by Alexander Shishkin and managed by Fyodor Verin (Uilliam's). It's perfect for cozy nights with friends as it’s tiny (40 persons max) and easy to pass by. The interior is simple – brick walls, wooden tables and a bar counter. The menu is not extensive but affordable while wine is really good. Food is also nice but shouldn't be your first choice.

Nude bar

A new wine place at Patriarch's Ponds takes a small but cozy space which invites to stay long. The initial idea was to provide wine, coffee and tea with a minimum of matching snacks but it resulted in an extensive menu with breakfasts and desserts. Try their Eggs Benedict (it takes long to prepare but is absolutely worth a wait) and pancakes. The place also boasts good coffee – praises go to Anastasiya Godunova, co-owner of Good Enough coffee place.

I Like Wine

I Like Wine follows the pattern of I Like Bar – they have the same founder. This wine cellar takes the ground floor of a Pokrovka building: bleached intentionally shabby walls with brick insertions, stone vaults and arches and huge barrels by the counter – you can pick from some 80 types and the menu is conveniently split into taste categories like crisp and refreshing, rich and creamy – easy even if you are not a connoisseur. The food matches the wine and features classics like cheese platters, sausage and olive tapas or a good wholesome meat and seafood meal. Outside seating is available and their neighbors are Double B coffee so you can also grab a drink there.

Prostye Veshchi

This chain has three locations – two gastropubs and a wine room in Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. The name reflects the major concept: a simple and easy wine menu, simple and yummy food and lightning fast service. Here most wines can be ordered per glass or in a set – 50 grams of each type from different makers. Complete the meal with appetizers (also served in sets) and main courses, soups and desserts.

Jean-Jacques on Nikitsky boulevard

There are around 10 Jean-Jacques in Moscow, but the one on Nikitsky boulevard is one of the most popular. It is practically impossible to get a table without booking. People come here for the atmosphere and heartily conversations common among the journalists and liberals of the Russian capital. French chanson, polite waiters, an opportunity to express oneself with the means of a pencil and a white napkin – there's nothing new in all of this, but due to inexplicable charisma the place is thriving.


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