Summer in the City: Moscow's Best Terraces

Moscow, Russia

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Summer in the City: Moscow's Best Terraces

Anna Bichevskaya

As the temperature in Moscow rises slightly above 10 degrees C, you can see summer terraces opening on every corner: in the parks and courtyards, on the rooftops and in the streets. After a long Russian winter, it makes you particularly happy to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine or dine with friends in the fresh air. This selection reveals our favourite terraces in Moscow.

The bar was originally opened to finance Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, and from then on all of its profits support this purpose. The bar as well as the Institute itself is one of the most tourist-friendly places in Moscow: everyone here speaks English and guys at the bar might give you a couple of ideas on what’s hot in Moscow right now. Come here for lunch and you might get a chance to chat with Strelka’s students and program leaders, althogether extraordinary, creative and influential minds in the sphere of urbanism, architecture and social sciences. Main courses have suffered much criticism recently, so we just have to wait for the new chef to come. However do try local student lunch and pick two courses and a desert, altogether just for 300-350 roubles (around $10). Breakfast menu also deserves special attention, especially, yummy omelets with various fillings. Come here on a weekend night and make friends with local fashionistas on a loud funky party. Or just come for a cocktail or Wednesday night wine specials and have a drink or two enjoying a gorgeous view over the Moskva River.

The team of a popular summer café "Lebedinoe ozero" opened a new winter restaurant in Gorky park not far from Golitsinskie ponds. 8 Oz have giant windows and on sunny days the place is full of light. On the menu you will find nourishing soups, different kinds of pizza and high-quality dishes of Thai cuisine. The bar is run by Edwin, the celebrity of a legendary party-spot Shop&Bar Denis Simachev. Instead of roaring parties characteristic for the summer project, acoustic gigs and other quite events are on the schedule here.

A restaurant by Yulia Vysotskaya in Aptekarsky Ogorod. It has a wonderful milti-level terrace, a bar, a summer kitchen and a small vegetable patch with greenery and a secret passage to the garden. The prices are low and the menu is simple. For example, they have an English fish pie or Cobb 192 salad from green lettuce, avocado, white radish and cucumber in seasoning made of vinegar, honey and mustard. The kitchen is run by a Brit Daniel Phippard, the bar - by a trendy barman Alexey Zastavnyuk. He serves milkshakes in milk bottles, ages drinks in oak barrels and serves berry lemonades.

Veranda 32.05 is an inviting space in the Hermitage garden, ideal for gastronomic evenings, friendly chats with a jug of Italian house wine, spontaneous dances on Fridays or plays for kids and their parents on Sundays. It is one of the favourite spots among the Moscow hipsters, especially good in summer. The menu is rather dubious, but you can grab the food and sangria to go and have a picnic right next to the place. The cafe offers traditional Muscovite dishes as well as trendy gastronomic hits created under the guidance of chef Vlad Rybkin. They also have a nice selection of wines from small vineries in Italy, Chile, Argentina and Australia.

A seasonal summer cafe with a wooden terrace that can accomodate up to 60 guests, a dining area, a bar and lounge chairs along the embankment of the Vorobyevy Gory. The menu is short but interesting: salads starting from 300 rubles, meat burgers for 350 rubles, Semifreddo ice-cream for 200 rubles and other dishes. if you decide to spend your time in the bar, you will be offered draught cider, berry tea or coffee. Prawns often serves as a place for parties and themed nights, as well as poetry readings, cooking workshops, acoustiс concerts and maybe in the future they will have yoga classes. The cafe is open daily from 10 a.m. to the last customer, but the kitchen closes at 10 p.m.

Firstly, it is still the only spot in Moscow where they play petanque. Secondly, la Boule has a homely setting reminding of the French South. Probably that's the reason why the place is loved by the French who often come here with family. From Friday to Sunday they hold parties and live concerts. La Boule is situated in Gorky Park, between Golitsinsky pond and Pioneer cinema. You will instantly spot it because it hal 11 petanque lanes. You can rent a lane and a set of balls for 300 rubles an hour (a team can have from 2 to 6 people). The idea of the game is to toss metal balls in order to get to the main wooden one as quickly as possible. A small menu has mostly French: several salads, sandwiches (also for vegetarians), granola and toasts. For drinks you can have lemonade, sangria, beer, cider or a wine cocktail. The place is run by music producer Dasha Zorich and a Frenchwoman Blanche Neumann, famous for her parties for friends in Khitrovka.

The second pub of the same brand from a famous chef Dmitry Zotov. This gastropub can seat up to 200 people and works from noon to the last client. It is located near a volleyball ground, on the site of former Bulka cafe. Just like the other place on Prospekt Mira, it serves 5 sorts of beer, including ales and stouts, lemonades and refreshments, cider and wine. The choice of food isn't huge, like it should be in a real pub, but quite interesting. They have smoked hotdogs with potato cream (320 rubles), signature bruschettas for 90 rubles, burgers and cheeseburgers for 420 rubles, salads and soups as well as tartar from ripe tomatoes and wheat and crispy chicken wings. Besides, the summer menu features pork-o-claire (like eclair, but with pork instead of creme inside) with kimchi, and soon, as the administrators have promised, they will open a terrace with a sandwich bar where you can grab something to go if you don't like waiting for a table and prefer to have a snack on a bench nearby.

A cozy studio-cafe where bikers and bicyclists can leave their 'iron horses' in a pitstop in case of a breakdown and have a snack while they are being repaired. Enthusiast was opened by four friends, who shared passion for the cycling and biking culture. They are Dmitriy Pantyushin, one of the creators of Clevermoto, Yuri Antonov, the art director of FOTT shop, Semen Berchansky and Eldar Kah, the owners of bikes and bicycles workshop. Even if you are not a dedicated fan of two-wheeled vehicles, the charm of Enthusiast is difficult to ignore. Its location in a quite Moscow yard provides visitors with everything they could wish for: bbq, sandwiches, beers and ciders at very liberal prices, extraordinary music and nice people. The creators went far beyond the biking and cycling universe by putting on the nights with live bands and djs performances as well as organizing rare movie screenings and by opening a tiny vinyl shop right inside the cafe.

It is one of the most popular places with cuisine characteristic of this city as well as European one. The owners of Khachapuri opened it in place of former Bilingua club on Krivokolenny pereulok. The menu has cured pork fat, sausage and boiled salted pork, "true forshmack", several kinds of dumplings and hash browns, soups and mullet, kilkas and pigfish. Fish is brought straight from Ukraine while bread is baked right there. Prices aren't high – you can eat a hearty meal for a 1,000 rubles. The most expensive dish is roasted chicken stuffed with dried apricots for 690 rubles, other dishes cost around 300-350 rubles.

Caterers Mitya Borisov and Dmitry Yampolsky, the duo behind Jean-Jacques, John Donne, Mayak and Kvartira 44, opened House 12 club in Mansurovsky pereulok. Nearby there is the Russian Academy of Arts, so you can combine your visit with going to an exhibition, a lecture or a concert. Apart from the main space they have a veranda, a terrace and an inner yard. The people responsible for the cuisine are Sveta Keosayan (former food critic in "Afisha" and editor of "First. Second. Third." magazine), chef Marco Cervetti and a caterer and editor-in-chief of "Afisha" Alexey Zimin. The restaurant should be favoured by the matured audience of the OGI Project, another place by Mitya Borisov.

A classic burger place on Tsvetnoy boulevard has yet another beautiful summer terrace and a patio. The menu is constantly changing, by adding or taking out certain types of burgers and salads. The prices don't bite – a burger will cost you 300 rubles, fries – 100 rubles, the salads cost around 180 rubles, while the ribs have a price of 450 rubles. You can have it all with one of branded lemonades or Bavarian beer. The place is especially loved by the students who come here in large groups.

Aleksandr Oganezov, William Lamberti and Glen Ballis have come together to open this cafe with modern Australian food on Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street. Usually people come here with company, sit on the stairs and taste food. The windows are always open to attract new customers. Among the appetizers especially popular are baked eggplants with olive tapenade, edamame with mint and aioli, carpaccio with salmon and ponzu sauce, charbroiled pears with tomato jam and chicken brochettes on toasts with goat cheese and onion jam. The drinks include wine, beer and cider.

The bar was opened in cooperation with Time Out London. It's situated on the 12th and 13th floor of a historical building, Peking Hotel, and the city-view is one of the best you may find. The interiors are created with a mix of preserved antique elements and modern design features. Alexandr Kan - one of the owners - is well known for his cocktails. That's why on the cocktail list you may find great classics like Negroni or some fresh ideas like Kalinka-malinka served in a samovar. The starters menu is not that long but rather rich: from classical burgers up to a bull-tale soup.

There are around 10 Jean-Jacques in Moscow, but the one on Nikitsky boulevard is one of the most popular. It is practically impossible to get a table without booking. People come here for the atmosphere and heartily conversations common among the journalists and liberals of the Russian capital. French chanson, polite waiters, an opportunity to express oneself with the means of a pencil and a white napkin – there's nothing new in all of this, but due to inexplicable charisma the place is thriving.

A once popular nightclub Most, situated near the Bolshoy and Maly theatres and rather popular some time ago, was turned into a trendy place with a name that speaks for itself – Brasserie. Such venues appeared in France last century and quickly became gathering points for the bohemian people. The interior, cuisine and atmosphere of the restaurant follow the tradition of a true French brasserie, for the quality of products and service here is the highest possible. New menu includes food from all regions of France, from Alsaсe to Champagne: salads, pates from wild hogs and foie gras, rabbit with apples and cognac, quail in honey, traditional choucroute, duck's leg confit, asparagus creme soup, a selection of sausages, grilled black pork and stuffed game. The summer terrace reminds of Paris street cafes – tables stand right on the street, and you can sit down on fresh air with a cool drink and a tasty meal to observe the city life.

A mansion on Taganka, hosting a recording studio, a producer centre, a concert hall with a night club and a nice restaurant with a terrace that looks like a countryhouse veranda. In daytime you can play ping-pong or relax on bean-bags, in the evening there are concerts or just parties. The parties are held in the back yard, a truly marvellous one. You instantly feel out of town, on your dacha, and you simply don't want to leave. The Dewar's Powerhouse cafe has two menus, one for the day with business lunches, and another for the evening with more nutritious Russian and European dishes.

This highlight has actually made it to the world's top 50 restaurants - it was ranked 23d. Apart from this, chef Vladimir Mukhin's eatery on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage (facing the Foreign Ministry skyscraper staple) building boasts the stunning 360-degree views of the historic centre of Moscow and,certainly, food. The prominent chef gives the Russian cuisine a modern makeover using contemporary techniques and international ingredients. The wide-ranging menu blends traditional food with innovative ingredients and always has something new to offer.

Perched up on the 22nd floor of the Academy of Sciences building, the place is really cozy and inviting to stay for hours with your morning coffee or night wine. The menu is European meeting Mediterranean and well-crafted original dishes. The view is stunning – gaze over the entire Moscow and admire the iconic seven sisters skyscrapers spreading out into the distance. If you prefer it outside, they have a veranda.

I Like Wine follows the pattern of I Like Bar – they have the same founder. This wine cellar takes the ground floor of a Pokrovka building: bleached intentionally shabby walls with brick insertions, stone vaults and arches and huge barrels by the counter – you can pick from some 80 types and the menu is conveniently split into taste categories like crisp and refreshing, rich and creamy – easy even if you are not a connoisseur. The food matches the wine and features classics like cheese platters, sausage and olive tapas or a good wholesome meat and seafood meal. Outside seating is available and their neighbors are Double B coffee so you can also grab a drink there.

This chain has three locations – two gastropubs and a wine room in Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. The name reflects the major concept: a simple and easy wine menu, simple and yummy food and lightning fast service. Here most wines can be ordered per glass or in a set – 50 grams of each type from different makers. Complete the meal with appetizers (also served in sets) and main courses, soups and desserts.

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