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Marina Yurcheva

Being vegetarian in Moscow is especially hard though such places begin to appear. We now have them all for your convenience. The list includes pure vegetarian venues, falafel places and those that have meat-free options on the menu.


This is perhaps the only serious place for vegetarians in Moscow. It is actually a branch of a cafe originally from Toronto, Canada, which after 20 years has come to Moscow. On the menu there are not just burgers with vegetables, beans and grains, but also super healthy cocktails. The cocktails not only contain fruit and vegetables but also vitgrass that the restaurant grows, chia seeds and miraculous alga spirulina. Nothing goes past the owner Ruth Tal without being noticed: what else can be expected from a great enthusiast who came to Moscow specially for settling everything right?


A chain of veggie cafes that started as a Krishnaite restaurant on Kuznetsky Most and then resurrected with a brand new design and menu. Now they are five scattered all over central Moscow. It’s a great place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, as any buffet it has a selection of affordable meals. Go for a healthy salad – they serve not only soy and asparagus but also blue cheese and grapes, soup (tomato or Indian dal), carry-inspired food (paneer variations) and sugar and gluten free desserts.
There's a very well-stocked vegetarian shop as well selling vegan stuff including sausages, milk and natural cosmetics. They also offer a restaurant set up with different prices and a more extensive menu.


It opened long before the go-vegetarian boom, so has no claims to be trendy. However, the food is filling and nourishing. The name can fool – you will hardly find avocado on the menu. Their first location is Clean Ponds, while the second is a lane by Tverskaya Street. The menu is restaurant-expensive with starters, soups, first and second courses – everything is home cooked of home ingredients - mushrooms, grilled veggies, medallions. The prices are tantamount. As for dessert try their cereal caramel ice cream.


This lovely place is all about healthy eating – you can find several of them in Moscow – Patriarch and Clean Ponds and Bolshaya Nikitskaya locations. What they mean by healthy are organic ingredients, some produced on the spot – they bake bread and pies, make berry drinks, lemonades and ice cream . Though the menu has almost no meat (their ideal combo is veggies and fish), the place is not vegetarian but offers plenty of such options). Cuisine is quite versatile: from Pan-Asian noodles and sushi to bruschettas and pizzas. Prices are not that affordable.


This place on the roof terrace of the Bolshaya Bronnaya synagogue can seem a bit weird or exotic: pink neon, fabric- draped walls with plasma TV make you feel so back to the 90s. However, they have two certain benefits: a spacious rooftop terrace with a perfect view over the old Moscow (ideal for the summer) and yummy falafel and hummus – a great pick for vegetarians .

Khitrye Lyudi

Winzavod- based place was created by the team with zero catering experience (designer Еkaterina Аkhtyrskaya, animation designer Ksenia Коlosova and sports journalist Zurab Chitaya). And they did a great job: the place is cozy and spacious – brick, plaster heads and very homely stuff. The centerpiece is their bar, while the cuisine is predominantly European with several rice and curry insertions. We recommend their grill and veggies options.


Ecomarket team opened their Gorod-Sad place in the Patriach Ponds area – it’s half a store, half a cafe plus a deli. They offer veggies, fruits, cottage cheese, milk and farmer's meat, and prices are really high as it’s all organic. They also use the same food for their simple but inspiring meals, like lamb roulade, quinoa tabbouleh or beetroot guacahummus. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome: veggie burgers, banana cakes, no bake raw cakes and gluten-free pastry are here for you, while their greens are smoothie perfect. The latter are served in stylish branded jars. Recently the owners have also introduced yummy and healthy breakfasts.
Apart from selling green stuff and meat that is predictably expensive, they make gluten free and vegan pastry: banana cakes, carrot muffins and vegan ice cream( plenty of flavors – estragon, mint banana, cacao etc). The place is a real hotspot as you can make your own lunch of the ingredients on sale or have a smoothie from a stylish Gorod-Sad jar. Early birds are welcome for a delicious and healthy breakfast.


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