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Moscow Open-Air Cinemas

Ksenia Mardina

In summer, one of the best ways to relax in Moscow is to watch some good movie in the fresh air. Many parks have their own open-air cinemas, which are quite comfortable being equipped with beanbags, deckchairs, blankets and cushions. Aside from movie screenings, these summer cinemas host festivals, Q&A's with independent filmmakers and concerts. By the way, there is no entrance fee in some of them. Please, check out eight venues of our choice located in various parts of the city.

This open-air movie theater can seat 360 people and has a roof and a great sound system. They usually show film festival movies with Russian subtitles as well as arrange themed movie shows and lectures. Tickets range from 50 to 350. Check the schedule online.

Summer Pioneer is an open-air theater screening the latest movie hits and art house films at night. During the day its stage hosts rhetoric lectures, jazz classes, lectures by the Higher School of Economics, Unic University, Polytech and exciting scientific battles. Tickets are between 300-450 roubles (free seating) and you can grab some pop-corn, waffles and soda in Pion café by the entrance.

Сharming Sokolniki park also has fallen under the recent park restoration programme. Now there is a skater park, bikers spot, climbing walls, all the possible rentals, playgrounds, skating rink and delicious popsicles. However the fascination of an old and calm park can still be felt in here. Nearby the building of the old chess club built in constructivism style, old gentlemen come together to play a game or two no matter what weather is outside. A little bit further in the alleys on the Health Path you may suddenly come across an elk, two owls and lots of squirrels that are permanent residents of the place. Beware of the squirrels thought, they might go as far as your pockets in their search for nuts.

The bar was originally opened to finance Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, and from then on all of its profits support this purpose. The bar as well as the Institute itself is one of the most tourist-friendly places in Moscow: everyone here speaks English and guys at the bar might give you a couple of ideas on what’s hot in Moscow right now. Come here for lunch and you might get a chance to chat with Strelka’s students and program leaders, althogether extraordinary, creative and influential minds in the sphere of urbanism, architecture and social sciences. Main courses have suffered much criticism recently, so we just have to wait for the new chef to come. However do try local student lunch and pick two courses and a desert, altogether just for 300-350 roubles (around $10). Breakfast menu also deserves special attention, especially, yummy omelets with various fillings. Come here on a weekend night and make friends with local fashionistas on a loud funky party. Or just come for a cocktail or Wednesday night wine specials and have a drink or two enjoying a gorgeous view over the Moskva River.

A secret park right at the city centre. Every morning at the weekends the open-air stage built in the 1930s is occupied by the dancing and singing seniors, and in the evenings it becomes a cinema where Soviet and foreign classic movies are shown. For several years now the park is constantly under improvement. Moms with their children can spend time in an outdoor playset with animators, yoga lovers can attend free masterclasses given by certified coaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and those who maintain active lifestyle can play volleyball or tennis.
In the garden there is an artificial grotto from the 18th century, listed as an architectural monument of Moscow. The paths are paved and half-round benches are conveniently placed on every step. Street food is becoming more and more sophisticated in this park: this summer alone saw the opening of a Korean place Pyang-Se, Durum Durum with Turkish cuisine, The Hummus and others. Also there is one of the best places for your children, City Kids, and "Funny Bell's House" theatre. The camp has three sections – "Toddler's Trip" (1,5-3 years), "Creative Geography" (4-6 years) and "Theatrical and Cinema Lab" (7-13 years). The day's routine includes morning exercise, music and art classes as well as gymnastic. The camp has it own garden where kids grow flowers and vegetables.

The locals consider Hermitage Garden to be the main resting area of Moscow. The garden is quite old and Muscovites have created a bunch of myths about it. For example, they say that Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Lenin used to wander the paths here. There are three theaters, some cafes, monuments and pavilions here. Music festivals and literary evenings are regularly held in this lovely garden. The symbols of Hermitage Garden are the dovecotes and impudent squirrels living not far from the playground.

A picturesque park in the western part of Moscow on the high bank of Moskva river. The slopes are equipped with stairs that take you straight to the embankment. There is a beach area (entrance requires a fee) with several pools, beach chairs, changing stalls, fitness equipment and a summer cafe, as well as bike rental and a basketball ground. Several days a week there are hatha yoga classes.
The park is named after the river Fil'ka, a feeder of Moskva.
One of great advantages of Filevsky park is the BBQ area, with wooden tables and huge benches and cast-iron outdoors grills. Also the park is the location of Naryshkin family estate that was owned by the noble family for 175 years, and a beautiful pond next to it. The pond was described by Ivan Turgenev in his "On the Eve" novel.

Krasnopresnensky park is a monument to the landscape art of the 18th and 19th centuries. It occupies 16,5 hectares of the Studenets mansion territory in Krasnaya Presnya district. Among the landscape and architectural masterpieces are the unique Holland ponds and the octagonal fountain, surprisingly called Octagon. The park is a popular venue for various cultural events like contemporary art festivals, film screenings and music performances. Everyday entertainment such as side-shows and playgrounds from the Soviet era have been restored and still keep that charming nostalgic atmosphere of a happy Soviet childhood.

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