Moscow, Russia

Nika Bohdan

The history of VDNKh (a Russian acronym for Exhibition of Achievements of the People's Economy) begins with the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition held here in 1939 with more than 250 pavillions built for it. Now people come here mostly not for inspiration from the achivements of the people's economy, but to relax and have a good time. The trademark of this park is the golden "Friendship of Nations" fountain and a renowned epic statue of "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" by Vera Mukhina.
If you prefer to spend time in the open air doing something dynamic, there is a "Fishermen's Village" complex where you catch fish that is later cooked for you by professional chefs. Nearby on the scenic river bank there is a paintball club equipped with all kinds of hedeouts, obstacle zones and other things required for the game. The park attracts rollerskaters and skaters, and one can also rent a bike or ride a bicycle car or a velotaxi.
Beyond that, there is an amusement park, and next to it – four-wheelers and go-carts, as well as other little attractions such as throwing balls into milk barrels, or darts in air baloons, or shooting cans and others.
The main landmark of the VDNKh is the 73-meters high Ferris Wheel, the tallest in Moscow. The plans for the near future include significant improvements: pulling down illegal constructions, repairing the pathways and the founrains and combining it with the adjacent Ostankino park, generally turning the place into something like the Gorky park.


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