Altufyevo Estate

Moscow, Russia


Ksenia Mardina

Located in Lianozovo district to the south-west of the crossing between the Moscow Ring Road and Altufyevo Highway, this estate stands on the bank of Samotechny pond in a 10,3 ha-park. Shortly before WW1, it was home for a private boarding house where well-off Muscovites could live all year long and enjoy games, walks to nearby mansions, boat trips, swimming and fishing. After the Revolution it became a hospital and collective farming policy made it part of GULAG labor camps while the land was given to the local collective farm – kolkhoz Krasnaya Niva. It is one of the most neglected Moscow estates, which is, in fact, its selling point and attraction opposed to neat Kolomenskoye or super popular Arkhangelskoye.


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