Upside Down Cake & Co

Moscow, Russia



This little cute cafe by Isaac Correa is just pretending to be a simple New York City cupcake shop. Every now and then the cupcakes menu changes, offering a wide selection from the traditional blueberry and "Red Velvet" ones to coconut-pineapple cupcakes or cupcakes with roasted marshmallows. To try them all at once, just order a choice of mini cupcakes. They also serve banoffie pies and puddings (especially delicious is the raspberry-chocolate one) and a full dinner and breakfast menu, including oatmeal with fruit, awesome omelets, bagels, salads and soups of the day. The coffee menu was the responsibility of Anastasia Godunova who was also a brand manager of Iconfood's coffee department, so prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.


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