Moscow, Russia



Cafe opened on Malaya Bronnaya in 2011 by William Lamberti and since that moment has won the praise of one of the main points on the map of Patriarshie Ponds. Lamberti here not only the chef and co-owner, he is responsible for literally every detail: for example, his idea is a red kitchen middle of the main hall. The kitchen is open, so you can follow the magic of cooking of each dish step by step. The menu is not very big, but the chef welcomes proposals by any visitor. By the way, be aware, that you'd better book a table in advance. In the summer here the locals meet for the breakfasts, lunchs and dinners, having won the most popular seats. Surprisingly, but the most popular and wanted seats are the stairs with pillows at the entrance, not the tables. It can be characterized as a place with a special "European Moscow" atmosphere.


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