Triumph Gallery

Moscow, Russia


Lera Shvets

Set in the 19th century maison this gallery is currently the top seller of international contemporary art in Russia. This stylish gallery with a slight bourgeois hint not only sells art to oligarchs, but also supports emerging artists within the Launchpad project. The owner Dmitriy Khankin has been known as one of the most influential people in Russian art community for years. When it comes to the contemporary art, Mr Khankin is unpredictable: the shows change every two weeks, varying from photography to visual and media art. According to Mr Khankin the world's art community and public knows very little about Russian contemporary art, so it is crucial to keep on presenting new pieces and introduce new names. The entrance is free of charge and the curators of the gallery are extremely welcoming: they can give you a short tour around the space.


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