Strelka Bar

Moscow, Russia


Lera Shvets

The bar was originally opened to finance Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, and from then on all of its profits support this purpose. The bar as well as the Institute itself is one of the most tourist-friendly places in Moscow: everyone here speaks English and guys at the bar might give you a couple of ideas on what’s hot in Moscow right now. Come here for lunch and you might get a chance to chat with Strelka’s students and program leaders, althogether extraordinary, creative and influential minds in the sphere of urbanism, architecture and social sciences. Main courses have suffered much criticism recently, so we just have to wait for the new chef to come. However do try local student lunch and pick two courses and a desert, altogether just for 300-350 roubles (around $10). Breakfast menu also deserves special attention, especially, yummy omelets with various fillings. Come here on a weekend night and make friends with local fashionistas on a loud funky party. Or just come for a cocktail or Wednesday night wine specials and have a drink or two enjoying a gorgeous view over the Moskva River.


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