CDL Restaurant

Moscow, Russia

Nika Bohdan

The team of closed Raguet headed by Alexei Zimin undertook to renovate this restaurant, existing in the Central House of Literature since 1936. This place isn't a cheap one, but it's cozy with tasty food and a nice summer terrace. The cuisine is mostly Russian, and the menu has various nastoikas and about 400 sorts of wine. If you add beautiful interior with tapestry, paintings and elegant lamps, you will get a nice place worthy of a visit. One of the tastiest items on the menu are pelmeni (dumplings) made from veal and venison, served in mushroom stock and sauce from sour cream, milk mushrooms and pickles. Also consider a dish called "Nanny", consisting of a sausage from lamb giblets with buckwheat and porcini on stewed lamb, and Kuban borsсht with cured pork fat.


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