Moscow, Russia


A new hotspot is the creation of restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkovu (Uilliam’s and Ugolyok) and lures passersby with its open kitchen where every single meal is put on tables right in front of you. The design is minimalistic: wooden communal tables that are always hard to get. Nothing surprising, taking into account that Luigi Mani reigns the kitchen. Try their tender octopus meals: delicious ravioli soup and smoked octopus appetizer. The names in the menu seem simple, though the food appears really complicated when arrives.
Highly recommended is Raspberry Dream dessert – a raspberry caramel ball, meringue, raspberry and tender mousse that rather reminds of a X-mas decoration than a dessert. And drinks are just splendid: cocktails are original and fancy, echoing the cuisine. Most are quite strong but taste nice and we guarantee you've never tasted anything before.


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