Moscow, Russia

Lera Shvets

Mayak is not really about food or cocktails. It’s all about the atmosphere. Originally a buffet, adjacent to the Mayakovsky theatre next door, for 10 years Mayak was operating as a private bohemian club, which was later turned into restaurant and opened its doors for general public in 2006. Quiet by day, smoke-filled and noisy by night, this restaurant-bar is a place to be if you are eager to meet Moscow’s art critics, musicians, journalists, architects and writers. The interior design brings you back to the early XX century’s aristocracy and intelligentsia. Its most charming detail – a toilet hidden behind the old wardrobe door. You will unlikely be able to safely go down the massive stone staircase at the exit on your way back home from a fun drunk party with the Moscow’s bohemia. A large soft Shalyapin-like fur coat might be the thing to save you from a few bruises.


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