China gramota

Moscow, Russia

Nika Bohdan

The first restaurant with modern Chinese cuisine in Moscow and a new project by a well-known lawyer and caterer Aleksandr Rappoport. It isn't just a restaurant, it is a place with real Cantonese food, which is practically unknown to Moscow while being extremely popular ouside of China. One of the things that make it special is, for instance, that all products undergo a minimal thermal treatment, and special attention is given to the healthyness of the food and the way products match. Every small detail counts – the order in which you cook the ingredients as well as their color. The menu features ducks, geese, chicken and quail, and also ribs prepared according to ancient Chinese technologies. The noodles and dim-sams are cooked by a special chef. The interior combines elements of a classic British pub, sculptures of Han and Tang dynasties, art from the Cultural Revolution era and modern Chinese art.


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