VDNKh skating rink

Moscow, Russia


Olga Steb

The most anticipated event of the season was the grand opening of the world's largest ice skating rink at VDNKh All-Russian Exhibition Center. It boasts 53,000 square meters of ice, lights and multimedia panels streaming video right under your skates. The area is split into several zones – one for hockey lovers ( master classes by famous players will follow), one for extreme skating with ramps and stuff, the lovers alley and the kids pit. They also offer warm cloakrooms and rentals and lots of places to have a bite – you can enter them right from the rink or from outside – have a cupcake in Woopidoo, a hot dog in Dymov, some shrimps in Shrimp Happens or dine fine in Oyster Bar and United Kitchen restaurants. You can also get some nice street food nearby.


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