Izmailovsky Park

Moscow, Russia


Olga Steb

This park is the largest in town and consists of the recreational zone and a forest area. In 1931, the main bulk of the forest was given for recreation – that's how the park emerged. It still has some historic monuments – The Porkovsky Cathedral of the 18th century and the Izmailovo Asylum of the 19th century. Now it 's a popular spot to stroll and arrange cultural events. However, it's not that packed due to its remote location, especially during the week. People come here for attractions, horse riding and boats in summer. Winter is the ski time – ski lovers are flocking the park no matter how far it is as the territory is vast and tracks are plenty. If you made it here, don't forget about winter football (the park has space for it), horse sleigh and a rink. They also have snow mazes and a winter movie theater.


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