Moscow, Russia

Marina Yurcheva

Ecomarket team opened their Gorod-Sad place in the Patriach Ponds area – it’s half a store, half a cafe plus a deli. They offer veggies, fruits, cottage cheese, milk and farmer's meat, and prices are really high as it’s all organic. They also use the same food for their simple but inspiring meals, like lamb roulade, quinoa tabbouleh or beetroot guacahummus. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome: veggie burgers, banana cakes, no bake raw cakes and gluten-free pastry are here for you, while their greens are smoothie perfect. The latter are served in stylish branded jars. Recently the owners have also introduced yummy and healthy breakfasts.
Apart from selling green stuff and meat that is predictably expensive, they make gluten free and vegan pastry: banana cakes, carrot muffins and vegan ice cream( plenty of flavors – estragon, mint banana, cacao etc). The place is a real hotspot as you can make your own lunch of the ingredients on sale or have a smoothie from a stylish Gorod-Sad jar. Early birds are welcome for a delicious and healthy breakfast.


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