Filevsky Park

Moscow, Russia


Nika Bohdan

A picturesque park in the western part of Moscow on the high bank of Moskva river. The slopes are equipped with stairs that take you straight to the embankment. There is a beach area (entrance requires a fee) with several pools, beach chairs, changing stalls, fitness equipment and a summer cafe, as well as bike rental and a basketball ground. Several days a week there are hatha yoga classes.
The park is named after the river Fil'ka, a feeder of Moskva.
One of great advantages of Filevsky park is the BBQ area, with wooden tables and huge benches and cast-iron outdoors grills. Also the park is the location of Naryshkin family estate that was owned by the noble family for 175 years, and a beautiful pond next to it. The pond was described by Ivan Turgenev in his "On the Eve" novel.


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