Moscow, Russia


Anton Marchenko

A cozy studio-cafe where bikers and bicyclists can leave their 'iron horses' in a pitstop in case of a breakdown and have a snack while they are being repaired. Enthusiast was opened by four friends, who shared passion for the cycling and biking culture. They are Dmitriy Pantyushin, one of the creators of Clevermoto, Yuri Antonov, the art director of FOTT shop, Semen Berchansky and Eldar Kah, the owners of bikes and bicycles workshop. Even if you are not a dedicated fan of two-wheeled vehicles, the charm of Enthusiast is difficult to ignore. Its location in a quite Moscow yard provides visitors with everything they could wish for: bbq, sandwiches, beers and ciders at very liberal prices, extraordinary music and nice people. The creators went far beyond the biking and cycling universe by putting on the nights with live bands and djs performances as well as organizing rare movie screenings and by opening a tiny vinyl shop right inside the cafe.


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