Burov's House

Moscow, Russia


Ksenia Kandalintseva

Look for this eight-story house between Mamonovsky and Blagoveshchensky lanes. It took architect Andrey Burov three years to complete it in 1936. Later, in 1949 it was built over. Its right wing used to be the site of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary cathedral (it gave the name to the nearby lane, Annunciation in Russian is Blagoveshchenye) – built in 1680 it was destroyed in 1929. The left wing was an old mansion designed in 1773 by the famous architect Matvey Kazakov for Dmitry Naryshkin. Later it was bought by the Dmitriev-Mamonov family (that’s where the name of the Mamonovsky lane comes from). In 1826 they left the house and it was converted to an eye hospital by the Moscow Governor-General Dmitry Golistyn. And an ophthalmological hospital is still there.


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