Brusov Ship

Moscow, Russia

Ksenia Kandalintseva

The first ever creative cluster on the water. It opened aboard the Valery Brusov ship, moored to the renovated Crymea embankment. Lond time ago it used to host a casino with a brothel, and now it is being gradually occupied by active and creative entrepreneurs, the type you would normally see at Flacon design factory. Some berths are already taken – for instance, by Jerusalem Bazar jewellery shop, a Greek fastfood restaurant Sito, Lamartis bookshop, Pomades barbershop, soon to be followed by Artemy Lebedev's Art Studio shop, Adidas Originals concept store, a street art gallery, Physika Concept Store , a fitness studio and Pimp Your Eyes eyeware store. There is still plenty of space left and the owners of Brusov are actively attracting new residents. The idea is to create a new hot spot there and hold various events, such as lectures, concerts and parties, as well as opening a coworking, several more cafes and restaurants, architectural bureaus, event agencies and shops. While the residents settle in its long and dark coridors, you can visit the ship as you walk on the embankment to sunbathe on its upper deck with a terrific view on Moskva river and drink icy Greek coffee.


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