Novopodrezkovo Flea Market

Moscow, Russia


Lera Shvets

In Russia a visit to a flea market is a real trip back to the past: Soviet elektrichka trains, old concrete platforms covered with grass, grandpas and grannies selling bicycles, chess, shirts and postcards. In other words, do not expect a nostalgic chic European-like flea market, it's nothing like that here. Memories, rusting artifacts and forgotten, but once popular household items of the Soviet Union and the Russian perestroika era are sold here at the flea market. Buy a newspaper with a portrait of Stalin, a set of silver spoons, a Barbie doll raped by time, a typewriter, an old kettle, a kilogram of pioneers’ badges and a bunch of someone's old photos. The market is much cheaper than the touristic Izmailovo market, and a journey here will be more adventurous. The exceptionally talented will even manage to strategically negotiate the price of an old suitcase from 500 rubles (15 USD) to 50 rubles (1.5 USD). The market is open every weekend; it is advised to come here Saturday early morning: 8-9 a.m. Elektrichka trains run regularly to Novopodrezkovo station from Leningradsky railway station.


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