Baumansky Garden

Moscow, Russia


Nika Bohdan

A secret park right at the city centre. Every morning at the weekends the open-air stage built in the 1930s is occupied by the dancing and singing seniors, and in the evenings it becomes a cinema where Soviet and foreign classic movies are shown. For several years now the park is constantly under improvement. Moms with their children can spend time in an outdoor playset with animators, yoga lovers can attend free masterclasses given by certified coaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and those who maintain active lifestyle can play volleyball or tennis.
In the garden there is an artificial grotto from the 18th century, listed as an architectural monument of Moscow. The paths are paved and half-round benches are conveniently placed on every step. Street food is becoming more and more sophisticated in this park: this summer alone saw the opening of a Korean place Pyang-Se, Durum Durum with Turkish cuisine, The Hummus and others. Also there is one of the best places for your children, City Kids, and "Funny Bell's House" theatre. The camp has three sections – "Toddler's Trip" (1,5-3 years), "Creative Geography" (4-6 years) and "Theatrical and Cinema Lab" (7-13 years). The day's routine includes morning exercise, music and art classes as well as gymnastic. The camp has it own garden where kids grow flowers and vegetables.


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