Moscow, Russia

Marina Yurcheva

This place was the hottest venue in spring 2015, or how the team put it - instagrammers' darling. It is all due to the interior -a two-storey building blends white picket fence farmyard, vintage doors, and extravagant knick knacks that seem an absolute mismatch but give the place a charm. The neon-lit salad bar and old school scales are worth a hundred likes – by the way you can mix your own stuff for an affordable price (vegetarians, take a note). They also offer various smoothies, and summer tea cocktails so nice and inviting that this could be their only specialty. By the way, the food is awesome - they serve everything from bortsch to dumplings and classic Napoleon cake dessert (theirs is so filling). However, their favorites are pastas and pizzas, some say they are the best in town. They also have breakfasts and grab-and-go.


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