Krasnodar, Russia


There is a winery “Fanagoria” not far from Krasnodar, the alcohol production of which is really worth mentioning; the wine culture started in this region in ancient times. The best way to train receptors and clear your head is to visit the settlement Sennoy and give local goods a try. The excursion prices are quite fair: tasting of still and sparkling wines, as well as fanagorian cognacs and distillates cost from 300 to 550 Russian rubles per person, food and wine tasting dinner with dishes of Taman and European cuisine is around 2000 Russian rubles. Right here you can also purchase the wine that you liked, so that on return home tell the stories of your trip while drinking that wine. On the way back, you can have a look at famous Fanagoria caves and try to distinguish stalactites from stalagmites and have a walk as well.


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