Krasnodar, Russia



When it is tawdry to bring magnets and souvenirs from the trip, but friends/relatives/colleagues can’t be left without small gifts – the best solution is gastronomic surprises. For example, from Krasnodar you can bring a piece of lard, local honey or water from the mineral spring. If a person is on a strong diet – bring him curative mud, it can always be useful.
To buy all that stuff – go to Sennoy market, the oldest one in Krasnodar, it was built by Cossacks at Tsar reign times (originally only hay was sold here, that’s where the name comes from – in Russian “Sennoy” means the one with hay). The market is situated in the center of the city, so it is very easy to reach; but it will be difficult to leave – you won’t probably stand from buying plenty of local ripe fruits and vegetables that are hard to find in the North regions. And it is right – when other time will you have an opportunity to try tomato that smells like tomato not like plastic.


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