Krasnodar, Russia



Fashion lovers can come by the concept pop-up shop, where the light industry achievements of local designers are collected. The shop is situated in the trading mall “Galereya Krasnodara” and exposes the works of designer Nastia Nekrasova, students and graduates of Krasnodar School of Art + Design (brand NOT Chanel), Oksana Migunova (project The First) and Luisa Gasanova (RoGa), Luisa Menaylova, releasing the works under brand Louitex, and Anita Tamozhnikova, who works under the brand name “Kladovka”, and Fatima Zakarian (label One Z), family workshop Woodlike and some other designers. This diversity is a good reason to renew your wardrobe and buy some clothes that nobody in the city has.


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