Krasnodar, Russia



The story of Chistyakova roscha started in long 1900: that time the park became the central place for urban gentry walks – ladies in hats and bonnes with kids were walking by local paths under not yet age-old oaks. The garden didn’t lose its popularity during Soviet times, the decline started only in the Perestroyka period. But in 2008 the renovation of the grove (English word for roscha) was launched, and now citizens of Krasnodar again have the possibility to walk along the neat alleys, wait for their friends at the fountain and feed local fatty squirrels. A distinct local place of interest is Svadebnaya alleya (Wedding alley), where all the just married couples come for photo sessions. So, in case you have yearning for cultural research, you should definitely plan a visit and walk along it here.


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