Kazan, Russia


Гарри Вебер

In case you happen to be in Kazan in the end of spring and beginning of summer, you just can’t miss sabantuy. In Russian language “sabantuy” means a rowdy party, feast and bacchanal with crockery breaking. But in reality, it is a sown ending celebration. People gather on the wooded meadow, dance, sing songs and organize various games and competitions. It all looks like traditional Russian amusement: fighting with pillows on a log, running with yoke, tug of war and jumping in bags. After eight hundred years no one remembers who borrowed the games from whom. Who came up with the idea of breaking the pot blindfold? But keep in mind that the queues to this event are bigger than for the slides in some water parks. The main contest during sabantuy – is a traditional wrestling on belts – kurash. The aim is to knock down your opponent using the belt. Local wrestlers train for the whole year to win in this competition and get the first prize – a car and a lamb. After all the entertainment is finished, the sabantuy participants sit on the grass, spread their carpets and take out all homemade supplies – sitting on the grass they eat and relax with their families. It is interesting to know that you will not see anyone drunk here; people drink only water as Islam doesn’t allow drinking alcohol.


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