Kazan, Russia


Anna Lavrentyeva

The place that is located on the bank of the lake Nizhniy Kaban is worth to be mentioned first of all because there is hardly any other place in civilized Russia that will be a better example of combination of bathhouse (banya) and restaurant. Having visited all saunas, and there are four of them here (pay special attention to the one with salt wall) and having swum in the swimming pool with river view, the customer of “Pir & Par” has only one road left – to the restaurant. In moderate interior of Canadian cedar and bizarre lamps it is worth drinking a glass of red wine while waiting for the Tatar pasta with horsemeat (where else could you try this dish) or barbeque. The average bill in the restaurant is 1500 Russian rubles, the hour of sauna rent – 1000 Russian rubles, the possibility to feel yourself distinguished – is priceless.


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