Kazan, Russia


Anna Lavrentyeva

The best cocktail bar in the city; only the most experienced barmen of the country, with various awards and marks of distinction, work here. The philosophy of the bar is defined by love to cocktails, art and friends. Here you can try salty popcorn-based cocktail, named after Chinese swimmer, and feminine drink based on elderberry liquor, and the never-out-of-trend classics – old-fashioned cocktail based on gin, whiskey or rum. The average price for the cocktail varies between 300 and 400 Russian rubles. As for the music, usually you can hear florid electro swing, pop rock and discreet lounge. But the most intriguing thing of this place is the opportunity to get the membership card to the private bar “Mr Willard” (the second and more elite place of Relab owners). You will not be able to get the invitation to the secret place intentionally, the only way is to be yourself, drink a lot and who knows what exactly will charm the barman.


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