Kazan, Russia


Гарри Вебер

The most notable construction on the territory of Kazan Kremlin is a big mosque Kul Sharif. It can contain one thousand and a half people inside and 10 thousand on the square in front of it. When the mosque was built, the authorities proclaimed it the largest one in Europe, but were totally wrong: it was not true on all parameters. The mosque is divided into zone for men and zone for women: men pray on the first floor, women – on the second one; the tourists are allowed inside only on special balconies. There is even a special person who controls all these rules. In other countries you have to take off your shoes before entering mosque, but here you have to buy booties for 3 Russian rubles. But it is really worth going inside: the floor is covered with Iranian handmade carpets, the ceiling is marked with a large colored chandelier made of bohemian glass, everywhere you can see stain-glass windows, stucco molding, amazing mosaic and gilding.


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