Kazan, Russia


Anna Lavrentyeva

As the majority of old Russian cities, Kazan has its own kremlin. There are several must-visit places there: the legendary Sujumbike Tower, which attracts tourists by the legend of the tragic death of the princess locked there, relatively new Kul-Sharif Mosque and Annunciation Cathedral. One should touch the first object and make a wish; in the second – in pleasant silence watch the Tatar Muslims pray, and in the third one – feel the dizzying scent of frankincense. All around the territory the Kazan souvenirs are being sold, and forge and potter’s studios are open, where, upon your wish, you can forge a sword or make a pot. By the way, right near the Sujumbike Tower there is a house of dumplings where you have a snack; local taxists and students often have lunch here – and this is the sign of the eatery quality. The access to the territory of Kremlin is 24-hours a day and free of charge.


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