Kazan, Russia


The Blue lake is lost in the forest 10 kilometers from the city. It is an absolutely special place – almost magic: enough to have a look at the shimmering blue color of water. It is absolutely transparent, because there is no plankton: the water is very cold – even in the warm season its temperature hardly reaches +4 degrees Celsius. So, to dive into the water you need to have a special “warm” diving suit. Without it, it is said, you can freeze to death in just twenty minutes. The water is that cold because of the icy springs on the bottom of the lake. The lake is like an accurate vortex 17 meters in depth – looks like a meteorite crater. The water in the like is mineral – and it is these minerals that color the water in light blue color. If you try the water, the taste is exactly like mineral water from the shop.


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