"Vysotsky" Rope Park

Irkutsk, Russia

Ирина Мацанова

Voila — and you are soaring over the city on a swing. The eighteen meters of fear and doubt are left underneath. You have a helmet on your head and a safety carabiner on your chest. There is a sea of ​​air around your with gulls and tree tops. If you are inspired by such a possibility, by all means, stop by at the Vysotsky Park on the banks of the Angara River.

Four floors of rope jungle can be explored as you please — choose a comfortable height and build your own route. You will move along teetering logs, rope loops and cunning bridges to get from one surface to another. At one of the stages, you will have to ride in a construction wheelbarrow. At another stage, you will have to slip along the rope on a snowboard. The tests are designed not just for athletic long-legged brave people. You are sure to successfully pass virtually all the routes if you use your wits and logic.

An entrance ticket to the park is valid for three hours. Make sure to leave some time to enjoy the view of the city from the observation bench at the highest level. While you are at it, you can note the short way to the barbecue area, a wake-station and a bathhouse on the banks of the Angara.
Entrance for adults: starting from 800 rubles, a ticket for a child: starting from 600 rubles.


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