Museum at the dump

Irkutsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

This place is worth visiting with at least a well-charged camera. Ideally, you should visit with a camera, lighting devices, a make-up artist, and a prepared script. The museum at the city's landfill site is represented by a few hectares of scenery for filming movies about white walkers, an invasion of orcs, the life of the ancient Rus, the uprising of robots and even World World II.

Here you will see wooden towers, barns, wagons and mills, hundreds of meters of paling, an army of knights with above-human height on metal horses, and several dozens of fur headhunters. Everything has been delivered here on garbage trucks. In their free time, the workers of the dump have collected armor from washing machine drums, built ships from waste boards, raised sails from plastic tents. .. Does anybody still think they have a boring job? Here is some motivation for you.

Last year, they created a field for the reenactment of military battles here, with trenches, dugouts and downed Messerschmidts. If you find yourself here on a memorial day, you may witness a tank battle of World World II.
The museum is open every day until 18:00, admission is free.


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