Islands “Yunost” (Youth) and “Konny” (Equestrian)

Irkutsk, Russia

Ирина Мацанова

It is nice to stroll along the water here on warm summer evenings, to refresh yourself with some ice cream or enjoy the local "Babrburger" fast food. There are roller skating and cycling routes on both islands, and there is enough space for picnics under the trees. The open stage occasionally features musicians or hosts shows by street performers. The sports area is a place where you can find a company to play football or volleyball.

Would you like to listen to the way the city by the river wakes up? Come here in the morning — it will be not be crowded. By the way, there is free yoga by the bridge on the Gagarin Boulevard on summer weekends.

If you are here with children, take a ride around the island on the children's railway, which operates all summer long. And once the lights are on, go to the Ferris wheel. When it gets dark, the lines here become much shorter, while the views of the city become more romantic.
Taking a look at the city from above costs 200-250 rubles.


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