Hydroelectric station dam

Irkutsk, Russia

Ирина Мацанова

Come to the dam of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station to listen to the waves, to feel the winds blowing around you, and to take photos of sunsets across the entire width of the sky. On the one side, you will see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city, and on the other side, there will be landscapes leading up to Baikal.

The length of the walking route along the water is two and a half kilometers. The path is covered with gravel. If you decide to come here, make sure to bring some warm clothes. There will be cool air coming from the reservoir — the temperature of the water in it is not much higher than that in Baikal.

The elevation difference here is 50 meters. Both banks of Angara, the islands, the bridge, and the television tower are clearly visible in good weather. You can see the foaming turquoise stream underneath. The power of the dam would be sufficient to boil 800 thousand teapots at the same time.

In the summer, you can travel along the dam in the water as well, taking a kayak or a windsurf and maintaining a safe distance. In the winter, you can ski on the ice of the reservoir.


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