"Dorenberg" art-factory

Irkutsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

Once upon a time, Fyodor Dorenberg’s brewery was known well beyond the borders of Irkutsk. Porter brewed here was appreciated even in America — from 1910 to 1914 beer barrels were exported along with other Siberia luxuries. However, the factory was closed in 1985, and for a long time, the spot was occupied only by warehouses and markets, until it was decided to use the space for the first creative cluster in the city.

Now, the former brewery shops house creative bureaus and offices of advertising agencies, event lofts, showrooms, designer clothing stores, and concept bars. Just outside, there is a new park and a movie theater.

"Dorenberg" art-factory has become a new spot on Irkutsk's event-map. The most trendy events in the city are now held in the Fyodor-Hall, which just half a century ago was used for grain and hop storage. The 1200 square meters space hosts fun parties and festivals, master classes and exhibitions.

The other building is called “Porter” — a tribute to the historical past and Fyodor Dorenberg. It houses bars and restaurants, the first lobster eatery in the city and a craft brewery, where you can try that dark beverage.


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