A buuz place

Irkutsk, Russia


Ирина Мацанова

This is about food. You want to know what a Siberian lives on — order juicy hot pozes, also referred to as buuzes, at local cafes. They are especially good in winter. These relatives of ravioli, manti, and khinkali have the “architecture” of a Mongolian yurt. Succulent meat, preferably of several types (the greater the number of ingredients, the more honorable the guest) is put on a round piece of dough, then the edges are pinched together. The filling ends up in a little bag, leaving a small "window" at the top.

Pozes are cooked with steam, so the meat is prepared in its own juice. Try to eat them the way the locals do — with your hands, gently biting off the dough and sipping the broth. Did the plate stay dry by the end of the meal? You have passed the initiation!
Most places will offer you pozes of at least two types: with traditional or minced meat. If this is not something that will surprise you, try black pozes. Or, for example, pozes with omul fish, second after nerpa most famous inhabitant of Baikal.

Pozes are ordered by piece. Usually, three or four of them are enough for a hearty dinner. The average price tag in the city is 45-50 rubles a piece.


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