First night in Tokyo: the survival guide.

Tokyo, Japan

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Eugenia Dorozhkina

Rule number one: don't get confused in crowded, busy and overwhelming Tokyo with hundreds must-see places. Better take a nap after a long flight to be adequate. But if you were easy with a ten-hour trip and think that sleeping is for chicken, then go out for adventures. Let the night begin.

Shibuya Station

Shibuya is a big transport hub where Den-en-toshi (transfer to Hanzomon), Toyoko (transfer to Fukutoshin), Yamanote (JR lines), Ginza and Inokashira meet. Subway is not easy to handle so better download an app with the map and be careful – you need the one that has both JR and Tokyo Metro maps. The local meeting point is Hachiko statue – a monument to the famous faithful dog that has been waiting for its owner. It's exit number eight, follow the signs or Hachiko exit ハチ公出口.

Hachiko Statue

The dog is standing in a small park facing the Shibuya exit – Hachiko is said to have been waiting here and the tradition is well preserved. "See you at Hachiko – Deal" – the entire city is meeting here. In front of the statue, there is an old green metro carriage – a tiny museum with photos of Shibuya at different times. The carriage has seats, like a waiting hall. Though you can easily get lost as everybody meets here, you will definitely feel so Tokyo. If you are alone and looking for fun, spend some time by the statue - in ten minutes you will be invited to a party. And hold hands not to get lost in the crowd.

Sega Center

This place is the arcade paradise with all possible machines – shooters, dancers, racers and claw grabbers. You can play or watch others – people here spend fortunes on polishing their skills. You can also try pachinko - go up, get a 1,000 yen card and the balls to fire in the machine. If you loose, you can play again but this time it will be 700 yens. If you stop you can choose a prize for what you earned, for example a yogurt. To get it, approach an employee and he will bring you downstairs.


It is in the same Sega Center, but you can choose any – Shibuya has plenty of them. This photobooth will make you look really hot, but the most fun is trying to making it with a bunch of friends or use effects – anime eyes, moustache or a hat. The machine will give you four pix and send them to your email address.

Hobgoblin bar

Hobgoblin is close to Shibuya Station, but not touristy. Frequented by Tokyo gaijins (expats) it has a lovely atmosphere and no Japanese to practice their English. Lots of football talk and British beer, however, as well as Hobgoblin own drafts. If you came with friend try their party menu. The average beer price is 1,000 yens.


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